Under the Underground

Under the Underground

Documentary Film by Angela Christlieb

Austria 2019, 54 min, German version with English UT

Music: La Coquette, Petra and the Wolf, Schapka, Tankris, Voodoo Jürgens, XTMLX, Blueblut, Chicken, First Fatal Kiss, Luise Pop, MusikarbeiterInnenkapelle, Noisy Town Groove.

Chris Janka and his brother Ali are passionate tinkerers, artists, music lovers, sound freaks and electronerds. They have turned the empty basement of a factory building they moved into in the 1980s into a place that is unique (not only in Vienna): a creative microcosm of the local subculture. But the basement is threatened with closure after thirty years; the new owner does not want to renew the lease. Angela Christlieb’s documentary takes us through the self-built and improvised rooms of the subterranean laboratory in the 7th district, called Janka Industries, where Voodoo Jürgens and bands like Petra und der Wolf or Tankris rehearse and perform in the midst of a bizarre electronic scrap collection. A music film and ultimate underground homage that cinematically captures the magic of the place. A statement for the urgency and beauty of subculture.