Opening: Drinks, Synths, Fuck-ups & Music (FREE ENTRY)

Opening: Drinks, Synths, Fuck-ups & Music (FREE ENTRY)

Welcome to Trial & Error – DIY Music Conference.

Friday, 24.11.23 / 19:00 / Hafven Cafe

19:00 Vernissage „Enter the Void – Music based Visuals“

19:30 How to ru(i)n an Indie Label w/ Bureau B
.. Isa and Daniel will tell us about the biggest failures and fuck-ups of the Hamburg indie label, hopefully taking away our fear of failure.

19:45 Timo Warkus (Team Scheisse) 
.. Before TS, he had already been making music for decades. What prepared him for success? What was necessary? What was a hindrance? What is success anyway? Perhaps he will tell us…

20:00 Synthesize Me! 
.. the jam session with electronic music instruments that will make your sine wave hearts beat faster.

21:00 Liza Dries (Live)
.. Electronica, Alternative R&B and Hyperpop from Cologne