Managing Frequencies

Managing Frequencies

Workshop with Jane Arnison (Evvol / Pathwaves) 

Important: This workshop has a limited capacity. After you purchase a ticket, you will receive an email with instructions on how to register.

Learn how to effectively control frequencies and create a balanced, impactful premaster for club sound systems. Jane Arnison shares her proven techniques and strategies developed throughout her extensive experience as a music producer, sound- and mixing engineer . Discover how to use EQs, compressors, and other tools to shape the sound of your tracks and optimize them for club environments.

About Jane:

Jane Arnison is a Berlin based Australian record producer, studio engineer, musician and sound artist. After studying at the Conservatorium of Music in Sydney she worked with Silverchair, Empire of the Sun, Faker, John Campbell, Dappled Cities & Wolf & Cub, INXS, Cindi Lauper and many more. 

Jane moved to Europe in search of adventure and also creative freedom, and landed in Berlin. She spent time exploring and developing her craft working independently as well as in collaboration with other artists. This gained pace and frequency and Jane found herself having the opportunity to support many local artists ideas as musician, producer, engineer or all the above. One of her particular passions is mixing.

As a session musician Jane has worked with Peaches, Austra, PlanningtoRock, Steffi, Virginia, and many local artists. As a producer Jane has worked with MIKEY, Finn, Evvol, CYTM. As a mix engineer Jane has worked with Evvol, Virginia, Steffi, Kaltes & Stupendous Band. Jane has collaborated on releases on Ostgut Ton, Mord, !K7 Records, Human Level, Domino, Netwerk, Poker Flat. Her own project Jon Dark which started centred in the dance culture of Berlin has taken on a more experimental bent and music is slated for release the end of 2020. Her main creative project Evvol released a new album on !K7 in 2020. 

In 2019 Jane founded Pathwaves, an initiative which strives to address challenges to female and gnc people becoming successful producers and engineers in commercial settings. Jane also works as product specialist for Native Instruments and Adam Audio and in 2018 was invited to become APRA Ambassador for Berlin.