JakoJako & Alvin Collantes

JakoJako & Alvin Collantes

Live-Set & Performance

Berghain Resident JakoJako has teamed up with the Filipino-Canadian dance artist Alvin Collantes for a special live performance. Linking modular sythesizers and sensors attached to Alvin’s body and enabeling his movements to manipulate and upgrade the created modular soundscapes.

Primarily a live performer, JakoJako makes extensive use of modular synthesis in her productions and on stage. ”Depending on how you configure your system, you can design a completely different instrument every time. I love when it’s surprising me.” When not in the studio, her expertise is put to use advising well-established artists on their own systems at Berlin’s synth-mecca SchneidersLaden.

Alvin is a Filipino-Canadian dance artist, drag performer and Certified Gaga teacher based in Berlin, Germany. Drawing from his personal experiences as passionate raver, queer, immigrant and a person of colour, the essence of his research explores topics of assimilation and its emotional upheavals, physical sensations and untold stories of marginalized bodies and tackling the impact of drag & resilience in queer communities towards the cultivation of self-acceptance. He has been recently been featured in Adam Munning’s short film “OASIS” for Dazed & Calvin Klein about the celebration of queer family, and the ease and elation that emerges once you find your people and your place in the world.