How to run an Indie Label

How to run an Indie Label

Workshop / with Bureau B (Hamburg)

Important: Workshop will be held in German! This workshop has also a limited capacity. After you purchase a ticket, you will receive an email with instructions on how to register.

Isa Schwarzenberg & Daniel Jahn from Hamburg will give us deep insights into the label work of Bureau B. We discuss distribution channels, re-issues, artist management and why, despite the eternal struggle with physical releases, Bureau B is still a vinyl label. For those who are not familiar with this label: 

Bureau B is a renowned music label based in Hamburg, Germany. Since its inception in 2005, the label has become a major platform for experimental and innovative music. Bureau B is known for its unique catalog that spans a wide range of genres including electronica, kraut(rock), avant-garde and various genres of electronic music. Besides contemporary releases by artists and bands like JIMI TENOR, DIE WILDE JAGD, CONNY FRISCHAUF, NEUZEITLICHE BODENBELÄGE, CV VISION, STATION 17, TIN MAN, TOLOUSE LOW TRAX or SAEKO KILLY, you will also find exciting re-issues by DIETER MOEBIUS, CONRAD SCHNITZLER, PYROLATOR, DER PLAN, FAUST or PALAIS SCHAUMBURG, just to name a few.

With the help of some exemplary releases, we would like to outline the path from finding a theme to the final release: How does one succeed in establishing a clearly outlined musical and aesthetic profile? How do you ensure continuity? Who are the potential listeners and how do you establish a long-term relationship with your audience? How do you find topics for new releases and re-releases? What is the calculation for a publication? How long does it take from the first idea to the final release?