How to get my Money from GEMA and GVL?

How to get my Money from GEMA and GVL?

Workshop with Alisa Wessel (Alisa Wessel Musikverlag / Service Bureau for Songwriters & Artists)

! Workshop will be held in German !

Royalties for copyrights, performing rights and recordings are usually handled by the big specialists like GEMA and GVL in Germany, PRS and PPL in UK, SACEM and Adami in France etc. These collecting societies administrate your rights as an artist. But how do you manage them? How do you make the most out of your art? Which rights do you set up at which organisation?

In this workshop GEMA/GVL-expert Alisa Wessel will help you to make wise decisions to claim your remuneration.

Alisa is specialised in music rights administration and worked formerly for Deutsche Grammophon, Polydor/Universal Music (Hamburg), Global Chrysalis Music Publishing (München) and BMG Rights Management (Berlin). Recently she was a delegate representing publishers at GEMAs members assembly and currently heads the VUT working group of publishers.