Vernissage: Enter the Void – Music based visuals (FREE ENTRY)

Vernissage: Enter the Void – Music based visuals (FREE ENTRY)

Friday: 19:00-22:00
Saturday: 10:00 – 20:00
Sunday: 12:00 – 16:00

In addition to panel talks, workshops, live music and performances by renowned artists, this year‘s festival programme also includes a new component.

The digital exhibition „Enter the Void – Music based visuals“ will make its debut at the Trial & Error DIY Music Conference 2023. As an interface between music and graphic design, the exhibition combines the heterogeneous character of the conference with projections and an exhibition concept in a bunker tower. 

The theme of this year‘s exhibition is graphic content (Spotify canvas, reels, music videos) designed on and for musicians and the submitted works will be made accessible to the public during the Trial & Error conference in the form of a walk through the bunker tower equipped with 20 screens. 

Designers from all creative genres will be taking part. 

Daniel Strohhäcker, Mathias Krebser, Christina Mäckelburg, Niklas Berlec, Mark Bohle, Lea Dohle, Juppi Juppsen, Fabian Friedrich, Mathias Krebser, Reinhold Emerson, Mathias Fleck, Raffael Kormann, Fabian Krauss, Lena Lazaridis, Yasmin Rademann, Michelle Raschke, Shoko Hara, Abfickermatze, Lucas Wurmbach, Bareis + Nicolaus, Jonathan Winkler, Levin Stadler, Nikita von Teickenberg und Mathis Bauer uvm.