Ableton 4 Noobs (Flinta* only!)

Ableton 4 Noobs (Flinta* only!)

Workshop: Ableton 4 Noobs w/ Liza Dries (Flinta* only)

» This workshop is for flinta* only . The acronym FLINTA* stands for women, lesbians, intersexual, non-binary, trans and agender people – all those who are patriarchally discriminated against because of their gender identity. «

Important: This workshop has a limited capacity. After you purchase a ticket, you will receive an email with instructions on how to register.
Bring your own Laptop with an installed Version of Ableton and Headphones!  (Free Demo here:
If you don’t have neither Laptop or Headphones we´re happy to provide you some. Just hit us up here:

This workshop is aimed at Noobs! People who have had little or no contact with the music production software Ableton Live. Liza will guide you through the structure and possibilities of the program and give you the opportunity to make your first steps in Ableton.

Liza Dries is a Dutch, Cologne-based artist and producer exploring the crossovers of experimental sounds and ethereal pop music. Her songs depict a world much softer than reality, where intimate themes are alienated by digital, glitchy sounds and voice distortions.

With an intuitive feeling for soundtrack-like lyrics and sound, her songs are never quite literal, but rather set an atmosphere // ambience. She released her self-produced EP ‘RL’ (18.11.22) with Safe Space Records, a synthetic diary with influences from genres such as electronica, alternative R&B and Hyperpop. ‚RL‘ has been caught up on and praised by various media channels for its genre-flexibility and idiosyncrasy of style.